CanPro Farms

About CanPro Farms

CanPro Farms was started in 2013 with the sole purpose of supplying hay to CanPro Ingredients.


We farm deeded and leased land to produce alfalfa.  Our focus is to cycle into and maintain alfalfa production (3-5 yrs) as long as the stand is productive.  We then plant small grains for 2-3 years in order to prepare the land for its next cycle of alfalfa production.


We work with industry in all of our endeavors to maximize alfalfa production, all while being good stewards of the land.  Some of the companies we work with are Pasqua Ag, Brett-Young Seeds, Rite-Way, Morris, Agro Liquid, Union Forage, and Pioneer Seeds.


We also contract standing alfalfa acres with local producers.  We then manage whether the hay is delivered to the plant as chop for dehy production, or as bales for suncure production.